Introducing Timeline and Fields

With Timeline and Fields, Pix4Dag Cloud becomes the one-stop platform to organize, understand and share your Sequoia imagery.


Pix4Dag Cloud already simplified processing RGB and multispectral data from your Sequoia camera. We also smoothed out the agronomist-grower communication process thanks to the annotation tools.


With Timeline  you will now be able to understand temporal trends better. And with Fields you will focus your analysis only where it matters.


“We believe these two new features are going to enhance tremendously the way our users interact with their Sequoia data in Pix4Dag Cloud. With Timeline and Fields Pix4Dag Cloud becomes the one stop platform that allows that critical interaction between the data and all the stakeholders.” Jorge Fernandez, Pix4D



Timeline grows with your crop

Multitemporal and multispectral analysis are now possible with Pix4Dag Cloud.


NDVI maps, orthomosaics and DSMs from Sequoia now have a new dimension.


Find temporal trends, control disease spread over time, or simply store your data on a more logical way with Pix4Dag Cloud



From farm to field to crop

We make sure your NDVI map focuses and shows only what matters.


We understand your fields come in all shapes and forms, and that sometimes on the same map you need to visualize two different crops at the same time.


With the structure: Farm > Field > Cropzone we make sure you have all the levels to organize, visualize and share your data as you want.


Reminder for Pix4Dmapper Pro users

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