Addressing crop protection, production, insurance with a powerful suite of products.

Fields of application

Crop protection

Identify issues faster
Scout with timely and high-resolution drone maps

A deeper understanding of your plant’s distress
Explore the different vegetation indices.

Connect index maps to plant features
Compare side by side the different layers for easier interpretation.

Crop production

Obtain management-ready maps
Aggregate information into zones

Comprehensive Variable Rate Application Maps
Our customers typically save 5-15% inputs every year

Connect with your Farming Management Platform
Export any maps in various industry standard formats.


Validate your insurance claims
Generate in field maps right after a hazardous event

More precise yield estimations
Use the zones for a more representative data collection

Irrigation and Erosion control

Detailed Digital Surface maps
to plan your irrigation and best manage this limited resource

Elevation information
to structure your field and minimize soil erosion

Our Solutions