We are building Pix4Dfields from the input of farmers, agronomists, and breeders 

To give you fast and accurate maps while in the field,  with a simple yet powerful interface fully dedicated to agriculture.

The beta program is now open, if you wish to be part of it, or simply stay informed, let us know.

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Why Pix4Dfields?

Get consistent results throughout the season with Pix4Dfields. In combination with Pix4Dmapper, even the most complex scenarios are covered

Instant results
Generate high-resolution maps while you are in the field. Available for multispectral and RGB cameras

Agriculture intuitive
Layer comparison, zonation and prescription tools to help you interpret and use your maps better

Decisions start in the field

Technical specifications

Multispectral and RGB cameras
Import images from any standard RGB sensor and selected multispectral cameras like Parrot Sequoia+ and Micasense RedEdge

Field boundaries
Focus the analysis in your fields

Compatible with Pix4D Software
Import orthomosaics, DSMs and index maps

Instant mapping
Produce results in seconds anywhere with the new stitching algorithm.

Vegetation indices and layer comparison
Vegetation index maps (NDVI, NDRE, OSAVI, CIRE, VARI) Split and double screen for easy interpretation.

Zonation and Prescription
Aggregate information into zones and assign input amounts

Get informed about the commercial launch

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Learn more about Pix4Dfields beta