Create measurable and georeferenced data of accident or crime scenes, purely from images

3D point clouds, digital surface models, and orthomosaics are saved for direct analysis in Pix4D software, then exportable to work with a forensic software or be shown as evidence in court.

Watch our webinar and learn how innovative public safety organizations are using drone-mapping and Pix4D software in their operations.


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Crime and collision scene recosntruction

Scene reconstruction

Reduced time on scene
15 minutes instead of an hour
Navigable photographic evidence
Hundreds of photos accessible with a click
Maintain chain of custody
Offline processing keeps data secure
Court-ready documentation


Fire investigation - Pix4DFire investigation

Root cause analysis
Damage assessment
Insurance claim adjustments




Disaster relief coordinationDisaster relief coordination - Pix4D

Coordinate relief and recovery teams
Identify damaged roads and resources
Identify new locations for critical infrastructure
and medical centers. Disseminate information online or offline

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