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On the road at conferences and events, we provide workshops for our users and a wide range of professionals. Our in-depth workshops are the perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face with our experts and develop your knowledge.

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Pix4D Workshops

Seoul, Korea
May 24-25
Atlanta 1, GA
July 18-19
Lausanne, Switzerland
September TBA
Melbourne, Australia
October 24-25
Miami, FL
December, TBA
Edmonton, Canada
May 30 – 31
Atlanta 2, GA
July 20-21
Ottawa, Canada
September, TBA
Salt Lake City, UT
September, 6-7
Santiago, Chile
Los Angeles, CA
June 13-14
New York City, NY
August, 22-23
Toronto, Canada
September TBA
Kansas City, MO
October, TBA
Washington DC
June 27-28
Dayton, OH
August, 16-17
Sydney, Australia
October 19-20
Houston, TX
November, TBA

Training Partner Workshops

Athens, Greece
June 15-16
Bologna, Italy
June 23
Salerno, Italy
June 29
Arnhem Netherlands,
August 25

Enterprise Training

We organize exclusive training for customer groups of 5 and up.

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