Pix4D Desktop Now with Fully-Automated DTM Extraction


Precisely distinguishing bare earth from digital surface models (DSMs) has always been sought-after. However, it remains difficult to accurately separate objects from terrain, due to the large variety of vegetation and man-made structures above ground.




Pix4D is proud to announce our implementation of some of the most successful academic research for DTM extraction into Pix4D Desktop, starting from version 3.1. 


Using DSMs generated from high-resolution images, Pix4D Desktop’s algorithms can now detect bare earth, as well as compute and remove above-ground objects precisely without pulling the terrain height up for interpolation.


This new approach gives the accurate terrain model elevation, instead of just visually removing objects.



This fully-automated algorithm works perfectly on surface models, whether it contains small and scattered houses or large, dense trees. To experience the amazing new DTM extraction, Try Pix4D Desktop now!



Here is the sample results from the city of Lausanne data set (GSD=10 cm):


 DSM (left) and DTM (right) of Lausanne, where Pix4D headquarter is located. 



  Contour lines generated based on DSM (left) and DTM (right)