The First Crane Camera Solution for 3D Mapping

Revolutionize the way you collect as-built updates of your site with the Pix4D Crane Camera. Images are automatically collected during normal crane operation, then turned into 2D maps and 3D models in the Pix4D Cloud to be easily analyzed or shared online.

2D orthophotos

Permanent data capture system

3D point clouds

CAD drawing overlay comparison

3D mesh models

Deliverables compatible with BIM software

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Webinar on demand

In a recent webinar, Pix4D, Liebherr and Losinger Marazzi (a branch of Bouygues Construction), teamed up to present the Crane Camera solution and explain how they use it on a daily basis to rapidly visualize the as-built situation, update project teams, check as-built vs. as-designed plans, document site progress, and verify the project schedule.

Key learnings from the webinar include:

  • How the Crane Camera solution works – and why it’s a viable alternative to drone mapping.
  • What deliverables you can get with the Crane Camera.
  • How to use and integrate the deliverables into your construction/BIM workflow.
  • How to easily implement and test the solution on site.

You can view a recording of the webinar below, or learn more about the crane camera here.