Evolution favors eyes that perceive the world in 3D

Join our mission to democratize drone mapping for professionals. Pix4D encourages its employees to explore and create solutions for the needs of precision mapping and modeling. We are enthusiasts that strive to grow just as quickly as the industry allows us to.

Work in 4D

  • Height

    We support an honest and open environment with ample room for professional and personal growth. As you grow, so does the company.

  • Width

    One the founding dimensions of Pix4D is teamwork. Each team member contributes their knowledge and skills to the needs of the whole, creating a collaborative and diverse environment that fuels Pix4D’s vision.

  • Depth

    Pix4D holds people in high regard, supporting their continuous development and a strong professional standard.

  • Time

    We’re immersed in a rapidly changing industry, constantly evolving to attain a competitive advantage for professional mapping needs.

Open Positions at Pix4D