Access all site operations from a safe distance while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of critical data collection with drones and 3D-mapping

Smooth the permitting and application process

Generate high-resolution maps and accurate, interactive 3D models of the mine site to share with permitting authorities.


Optimize site development

Optimize the layout of the mine facilities and infrastructure using regularly updated basemaps.

Make decisions and ensure development phases are completed as anticipated.

Identify and mitigate issues as they emerge.


Update production progress and forecasts frequently

Produce more precise 3D stockpile models with highly accurate volume measurements

Provide real-time updates on production progress and forecasts, stockpile sizes, and composition.


Reduce operational risk 

Forecast geotechnical hazards quantitatively – such as rockbursts, water inflows and slope stability.


More informed decisions

Understand complex situations faster with rapid data collection and 3D mapping. Pix4D software leverages computer vision, image-analysis and machine learning to create immediate, repeatable results ready for analysis and decision-making.


Explore a digitized quarry


This quarry is located in the middle of Switzerland, in the canton of Vaud. This 285-image dataset was captured with a SODA camera on a senseFly eBee drone. The project quality report gives a preview of the generated results, calibration details, and many more project quality indicators.  


Get started today

Pix4D offers standard software licenses for small mining operations and service providers and customized, integrated, end-to-end solutions and consulting for enterprise implementations.