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Classification of Aerial Photogrammetric 3D Point Clouds

Small description: Fast and accurate point cloud classification

Authors: C. Becker, N. Häni, E. Rosinskaya, E. d’Angelo, C. Strecha

Tags: classification point cloud photogrammetry

First Public presentation at: ISPRS 2017, Hannover

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Photogrammetric Accuracy and Modeling of Rolling Shutter Cameras

Small description: Evaluate the impact of the rolling shutter cameras of typical consumer UAVs on the accuracy of a 3D reconstruction.

Authors: J. Vautherin, S. Rutishauser, K. Schneider-Zapp, H. F. Choi, V. Chovancova, A. Glass, C. Strecha

Tags: mapping, motion estimation, rolling shutter, modeling, CMOS, UAVs, Drones

First Public presentation at: ISPRS 2016, Prague


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