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Leading colleges and universities follow the market trends and use latest technologies.Teachers can openly design their courses and use our open-access exercises labs, articles and videos to enhance their course work and curriculums.


Employers value graduates who have knowledge and ability with the latest technologies. Students have open access to an assortment of self-study materials and our unparalleled body of knowledge.


Researchers from universities, research centers, and non governmental agencies can use Pix4D drone mapping and photogrammetry software to move their research forward.

Pix4D provides teachers, students and researchers with a complete photogrammetry software for producing accurate geospatial outputs.


Educational Professor

Ideal for a course leader who wants to demonstrate concepts without asking for practical coursework. Or a researcher affiliated with a higher institution who wants to get accurate data, faster.

  • Perpetual license
  • 2 devices,
  • Includes all major commercial software benefits
  • Personal technical support, upgrade & cloud included for 1 year (subsequently, from 10% of license price)
  • Specific educational terms and conditions apply

Educational Student

For students participating in a course where Pix4Dmapper software is required to complete coursework. Allows for remote learning and project sharing.

  • Semester (120 days) or yearly (365 days) license
  • 1 device, desktop and cloud (fair usage)
  • Requires invitation from Pix4Dmapper Educational Professor license
  • Basic support

Powerful photogrammetry software for your classroom

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