Refly a mission? No problem.

Want to refly the same place over & over again? You can now save your mission. There is no need to plan the mission each time from scratch! Just duplicate your saved mission and start flying the same mission (size, shape, position, mission parameters).

Better control during the flight

Want to see the camera view while monitoring the mission process in the map view? We combined the live feed from the camera & the map view in one window so you have better control over your mission during the flight.

Move the polygonal flight plan without changing shape or size

Do you have a polygonal flight plan, but need to refocus your area of interest? Just drag and move the entire flight plan all at once.

Estimated GSD

Not sure which altitude to chose to achieve your required resolution? Now you can see an estimated GSD based on the set altitude while planning your mission.

Additional Changes

  • Images for DJI Mavic Pro can be downloaded from the drone to the device
  • Warning shown when getting back manual control
  • Altitude can be selected in increments of 1 meter / 1 foot
  • Improved UI responsiveness in the mission view
  • Improved stability when flying several DJI missions one after another
  • Update to DJI SDK 4.2.2
  • Bug fixes

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