12 Oct 2017

Stuck on an issue while working on a project or want to know how to optimize your workflows? What about wanting to discuss photogrammetry with some like-minded peers?

Come and discover our Pix4D Community, where users and specialists discuss updates, exchange their experiences, share tips and tricks, and showcase their best projects.

Why join the Pix4D community?

1) Discuss with and learn from Pix4D specialists

There is no better place to find fellow Pix4D users than in the community. Users with many different backgrounds and experience ranging from surveying to the most specialized applications such as industrial inspection are participating. It is a treasure trove of knowledge.


2) Find and share answers related to Pix4D software

The likelihood that someone has or will have the same issue you are facing is very high. You can either directly find the answer to your question or you can contribute to solving an issue that will help many users in the future.


3) Be inspired by awesome projects and share your own stories

Every day stunning projects are created around the world. These projects range from small object reconstructions to areas of several square kilometers in incredible locations, from the most remote island to the densest of city centers. The community is a place to showcase and be inspired by projects and the story they tell.


4) Stay on top of the news

Last but not least, the community is a channel to get the latest news from Pix4D. Here you can find release notes for all of our products, latest industry insights from our blog and information about temporary issues.



“I like how people explore different ways Pix4D can be used, techniques and technical information on hardware and software. 

There are very experienced people from all kinds of other disciplines who are willing to help and share their Pix4D knowledge and uses for their own businesses. These folks help me see and get a better-rounded perspective of efficient workflows.” -Gary Lamantia, Geo-Imaging Technologies




A look inside the community: main topics


Important communication

The latest news on Pix4D product releases, support material, workshops and special announcements. In this topic, only Pix4D creates new posts. Feel free to comment!


User space

Share your professional experience, build your network and discuss subjects not covered in other topics.


Image acquisition

Ask and answer questions about Pix4Dcapture, flight plans, indoor mapping, cameras, GPS and more.



Ask and answer questions about desktop and cloud processing, troubleshooting, results, outputs, accuracy and computer hardware. Here you can find the Pix4D computer hardware community benchmark.


Cloud web platform

Ask questions and share your knowledge on the Pix4D Cloud platform and workflows.


Hall of fame

Show the projects you are proud of, share your best 3D models, orthomosaics and fly-through videos such as this model of Norwhich Castle UK by Skeye B.V.


Product feedback 

Help us understand what you need most – share your use case and vote on other users’ feedback.


Survival kit


Create a profile

Fill in your profile, so that people know what subjects you are interested in and what your background is. When you are signed in, click on your name in the top right corner and select

“My profile”.



How to post
You must be logged in with a Pix4D account to create a post or add a comment. Otherwise, you can read only.


Click “+Newpost”, then write a title that clearly describes the content and select the topic for your post. If you have a technical question adding screenshots, a quality report and a log file can make it much easier for other people to answer you.


Before posting, use the search bar and click the Community filter to check if the question was asked before.


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Click next to topics, posts, or user profiles to be notified by email of any updates for that subject.

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