Accuracy and efficiency upgraded in Pix4D desktop software 3.3!

Pix4D’s rayCloud is an iconic interface that connects original images to the 3D reconstruction. Add and edit your ground control and manual tie points to improve your project accuracy without searching for each point in an endless list of images. Simply select the point’s approximate location in the point cloud and refine its position in the corresponding images.


You can manually mark images or have the software automatically mark your images for you.


Reduce click errors with automated outlier detection


Apart from making it easy for you to find where each point is in your images, we also inform you when an image is marked incorrectly.


In version 3.3, if you mark a GCP or MTP incorrectly a pink circle will appear in the image to inform you that the corresponding mark is likely inaccurate. Automated outlier detection minimizes the chance that human error introduces inaccuracies into the final results.






Save time with faster initial processing


Pix4D always aims for accuracy and efficiency. In version 3.3, processing for Step 1. Initial Processing is faster than ever before.


Upgrade now to experience on average 23% faster processing speed for the initial processing step.








Pix4D desktop software now available in Korean


Pix4D’s software dictionary is continuously growing and now supports Korean (KO), in addition to EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, zh-CN, zh-TW, JP, and RU.


Experience a faster initial processing in the latest version 3.3!