Pix4D and Parrot explore vegetation research with 3D NDVI

Like giant air purifiers, the ancient sequoia trees in California are key to their environment, and studied to measure how much C02 they capture. See how this project used drones and multispectral cameras to create 3D NDVI point clouds of these enormous and ancient trees.

image description

3D NDVI point cloud

While mapping and modeling from RGB images is increasingly commonplace, multispectral imagery has been limited to 2D map creation, hiding critical information. In this project we have explored how to bridge the power of 3D with the value on multispectral imagery…

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Parrot Story

Parrot & Pix4D

Climate Innovation Grant

Parrot & Pix4D announce a ‘Climate Innovation Grant’ to help foster further innovation surrounding the impact of climate change.

Discover this project video, shot in Whitaker Forest, California, with Dr. Todd Dawson, Canopy Ecologist.