Wednesday, May 31, 5PM CET / 8AM PST

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Precision agriculture is data rich, yet it is often challenging to make sense of all these layers of information: soil, elevation. NDVI, orthomosaics, etc., and derive insightful decisions from them. Pix4D and Ag Leader have teamed up to share best practices on:

 i) how to generate accurate and comparable Index Maps, like NDVI, and

ii) integrate these into a platform where spatial correlations are translated into better zonation and prescription maps for you or your clients.

The goal of this webinar is to put drone mapping technology, and its maps, in relation with other platforms present in the precision agriculture industry, We want agronomist, growers, service providers and other industry experts to learn more about how to take drone maps to the next level.

Key Takeaways


  • Drones and sensors
  • Import images
  • Reflectance calibration target
  • Basic and advanced processing tools
  • Index Calculator
  • Cloud processing
  • Ag Cloud new features



SMS (AG-Leader)

  • SMS data hierarchy
  • Field boundaries
  • Comparing Index Maps
  • Comparing NDVI with elevation data
  • Comparing NDVI with soil data
  • Zonation
  • Prescription maps for standard VRA enabled systems

Speakers Bio

Marc Desgroseilliers, Pix4D

Marc holds a PhD from the faculty of Computer Science and Communication Systems at EPFL. He is part of the Pix4D Technical Support team and specializes in agricultural applications. Marc will take care of showing best practices for processing multispectral data in Pix4D.

Thijs Rensink, Ag Leader

With several years of precision farming experience, as Technical Support Supervisor, Thijs is responsible to provide support and training for distributors within the EMEA region. During the webinar Thijs will demonstrate how to take the outputs from Pix4D into SMS, as well as showcase what to do with them.