Pix4Dchallenge #2

Start your drone’s engine and boot up your computer. Why? #Pix4Dchallenge is back!

In this edition we celebrate surveyors who strive for accuracy and love mapping. There are 3 Apple iPad mini 4s and training and certification vouchers to win!

Read on to accept the challenge

image description

How can you participate?

  1. Find an area to fly.
  2. The name Pix4D has to be written somewhere in this area, so that it is visible in the orthomosaic. This ensures that it is an original submission. Creative submissions get bonus points!
  3. Acquire images. (Note: Grid or double grid flight plans with nadir or slightly oblique images tend to give good results.)
  4. Process the project on the Pix4D Cloud.
  5. Note: You can create the project in Pix4D Desktop to add Ground Control Points (GCPs) or Manual Tie Points (MTPs) to improve the accuracy of the reconstruction.
  6. Add a comment to this post with the link to your project on the Pix4D Cloud.

Share the link to this community post on one of your social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram). Tag @Pix4D and add the hashtag #Pix4Dchallenge





What can you win?

1st. Place
Apple iPad mini 4 (Wifi 7.90″, 128GB, 4G) and a workshop and certification voucher.

2nd Place
Apple iPad mini 4 (Wifi 7.90″, 128GB, 4G) and a certification voucher.

3rd Place
Apple iPad mini 4 (Wifi 7.90″, 128GB, 4G)

Learn more about the Criteria, the Jury and the Terms & Conditions.