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Agricultural drone users require efficient solutions. Solutions that allow them to capture imagery they can trust and view it quickly in an intuitive interface. Pix4Dfields, the latest Pix4D software for agriculture, does just that. It is a software platform dedicated solely to agricultural drone imagery that provides speed without compromising data integrity.

In addition to dedicated tools for crop protection and crop production, Pix4Dfields includes a brand new instant processing engine for multispectral imagery. It is also the first to provide instant processing capability for the industry-standard RedEdge sensor.

In this free, on-demand webinar, we’ll share how Pix4Dfields can be used with RedEdge and do a demo of Pix4Dfields processing RedEdge data. We’ll also go in depth into the analysis and interpretation tools Pix4Dfields offers, including comparison, index generator, zonation and prescription mapping tools.

Key learnings:

  • Introduce both RedEdge-M and Pix4Dfields.
  • Take a deep dive into the capabilities of Pix4Dfields, including a live demo.
  • Detail a user’s experience with RedEdge-M and Pix4Dfields.
  • Discuss the workflow of using Pix4Dfields to process RedEdge data.
  • Plus, we answer questions from attendees.



Jorge Fernandez
Solution Manager, Agriculture, Pix4D


Robert Parker
Customer Support and Training Manager at MicaSense

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