About the webinar

Flying a drone at a construction site for 3D mapping and BIM verification isn’t always a simple endeavor. There are numerous legal and logistical requirements that need attention before a drone operation can take place, which sometimes aren’t favorable at all. How can you work around it and still get the data you need?

A year ago, in collaboration with Liebherr, Pix4D developed the Crane Camera solution, a unique, fully-automated solution to get as-built updates remotely on a daily basis. Launched only a couple of months ago, the solution has already been adopted by construction companies worldwide to improve construction verification and validation.

For this webinar, Pix4D, Liebherr and Losinger Marazzi, (a branch of Bouygues Construction), teamed up to present the Crane Camera solution and explain how they use it on a daily basis to rapidly visualize the as-built situation, update project teams, check as-built vs. as-designed plans, document site progress, and verify the project schedule.


construction webinarJulian Norton
Business Development Manager for Construction at Pix4D

Tom Doan
Architect BIM Coordination at Losinger Marazzi


construction webinarAlexander Richter
Business Development Manager and Product Management at Liebherr Tower Cranes

Key learnings:

  • Why the Crane Camera solution provides relevant alternatives to drone mapping
  • How the Crane Camera works
  • What deliverables you can get with the Crane Camera
  • How to use and integrate the deliverables into your construction/BIM workflow
  • How to easily implement and test the solution on site



Want to try the crane camera solution?

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