30 Aug 2017

Instructor-led training near you and in multiple languages!

Pix4D technology is changing daily. Evolve with us.

Our user workshops are the perfect way to learn all the tips and tricks that will make you more efficient in your daily job. But attending a workshop has more advantages than just improving your use of the software. We asked past attendees what they thought of Pix4D user workshops. 



Check out these five reasons former participants think you should join us:

1. Get ahead of your competition with the latest tech

Technology is evolving quickly. While there’s a lot you can learn from the Community and Knowledge Base, working with a trainer in a formal setting will help you get up to speed faster.   


What the attendees say:   


“Learned a lot about Pix4D tools. As well as the short and long term goals. I almost feel spoiled because of the simplicity of Pix4D. Can’t wait for the future.”

2. Personal advice if you need it

Got a question about a project? Get one-on-one advice from our trainers about the best way to resolve any issues.   


What the attendees say:   


“I really liked the end of the session where I was able to show my project to the experts and got some solutions to some problems I was having.”

3. Hands-on learning

Most people learn best by doing. Our Pix4D user workshops are focused on practical exercises that translate to your workflow.   


What the attendees say: 


“A lot of information was shared in a short time. It was very helpful”

4. Networking opportunities

There’s time built into the day for networking with your peers. The networking opportunities can be invaluable.   


What the attendees say:   


“Loved networking and hearing stories from you (Pix4D) and professionals. Enjoyed meeting the people behind the software, as well as the people working with the software and drones on a daily basis – especially the range of professions and uses.”

5. Learn new tips and tricks

Of course, if you’re attending a user workshop, you’re interested in getting to know the software better! Our experienced trainers have a wealth of knowledge to help you get the most from Pix4D. 


What the attendees say: 


“Learning about what we’ve been doing wrong and what we can do to make the process more efficient.“

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