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Your choice: buy or rent Pix4Dmapper to scale the desktop software to your needs. And download the free Pix4Dmapper Discovery to get started now, free of charge, unlimited in time.


Educational and Non-commercial versions available. Click here for more information

Special offer

We have partnered up with Mapbox to allow users to store, publish and interact with the produced data in a fast and easy way. You can upload your orthomosaics with just one click from Pix4Dmapper.

And the best news: buy or rent Pix4Dmapper now and get a free Mapbox account with storage of up to 10GB, saving USD 149 per month with this special offer. Monthly rental customers receive 1 month and yearly rental and one-time charge customers receive 12 months of Mapbox’s “PLUS” plan for free.


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We have a world-wide reseller network. Contact us via Email and we will get back to you with more information on a local reseller close to you.

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